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Book "The Path of a Millionaire. The Art of Living a Fruitful Life" Marek Waberski


                            Title: "The Path of a Millionaire....

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"The Path of a Millionaire. The Art of Living a Fruitful Life""

Author: Marek Waberski

Wydawnictwo: Ro-Publishing

Number of pages: 176

Number of chapters: 6

English version


"The Path of a Millionaire" is the first book by Marek Waberski, describing his over 17 years of experience and the journey he has taken from the ordinary insurance salesman, through an effective leader in one of Poland's largest financial product sales organizations to the investor.

He reveals to us the path of difficult experiences, shows how he coped with adversity, his weaknesses, how his personality was krashled, which in turn allowed him to bear an incredible market success.

This book is at the same time a great Study of Individualized Living for every reader. It contains many practical tips and exercises that have allowed Mark to become an icon of financial marketing in Poland.

Marek Waberski's experience has benefited many ordinary people who, thanks to proven ideas, became extraordinary and today they are successfully developing their business ventures.

Marek Waberski teaches how to use simple and proven recipes to achieve their own professional, financial and living independence.


The book consists of 6 chapters and an extremely inspiring introduction.

The first chapter, "Wealthy Life" teaches us what really is a fruitful life, tells us how to live the fullness of life, how to discover ourselves, how to take the right direction.

The second chapter titled "The power of Values" is the most emotional chapter in the entire book. Marek Waberski wrote it under the influence of strong emotions. Describes how he defended his values, how he discovered the foundation of life, how he experienced the breakdown of time, as he discovered the principle that what you want to have is less important than who you really want to be.

The third chapter, "The Power of Dreams, Inspiration and Passion," invites us all to discover their passions, to be big dreamers, to cut off the "Dream Thieves" and to carry out a Mission that should be greater than our goals.

The fourth chapter, "Uwaken the Millionaire within" is an extremely practical guide to building your own financial independence.

The fifth chapter, "Shaping Strong Personality," is an excellent study of the shaping of a person's personal success for each of us.

The sixth chapter titled "Personal Plan of Action" or how to implement the 3xK Direction, Concentration and Consequence principle. This chapter is a call to action and make a leap forward.

Marek Waberski an effective entrepreneur, founder of "Akademia Osiągnięć" (pol. Achievers Academy), personal development coach, 100% business practician and independent expert of the MLM industry.

Author of many business/educational projects, like Tme to Develop, Path of a Millionaire, Millionaire Camp, Overcome Yourself, RentierClub, Health&Wealth, Exciting Speaker, Enterprising and Trade Academy.

For 17 years, his passion has been personal development and helping others to do so. He teaches people how to make money, have money and enjoy life.

Over 100,000 people have taken part in his meetings, conferences and various seminars. Many of them have gone on to successfully develop their businesses and careers thanks to the acquired information and practical knowledge they received there.

Those that had the opportunity to personally work with him always say that he is an expert at bringing the best out of people, concentrating on actions and their strongest traits.

After one day spent in his presence, you start to notice new development possibilities, to discover ideas on how to increase your income and thanks to practical rules of planning your finances, you start having more time for your own passion and hobbies.

This book serves as an introduction or a supplement to the original seminar "Path of a Millionaire".

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